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There is a list of medications containing "Bisacodyl" as a main active pharmaceutical ingredient (API), their available forms, doses and also pharmaceutical companies: manufacturers, distributors, suppliers, researchers and developers:

The first trade name of the products Lists of Bisacodyl medications The last trade name of the products
Abilaxine Abilaxine - Anulax Anulax
Anulax Adultos Anulax Adultos - Baxtiv Baxtiv
Beacolux Beacolux - Bikonor Bikonor
Bilax Bilax - Bisacodilo (Apotex) Bisacodilo (Apotex)
Bisacodilo (Bussie Laboratorios) Bisacodilo (Bussie Laboratorios) - Bisacodilo (Ophalac Laboratorios Farmaceuticos) Bisacodilo (Ophalac Laboratorios Farmaceuticos)
Bisacodilo (Recipe Laboratorio) Bisacodilo (Recipe Laboratorio) - Bisacodyl (Amavita Health Care) Bisacodyl (Amavita Health Care)
Bisacodyl (Apotex) Bisacodyl (Apotex) - Bisacodyl (Chain Drug Consortium) Bisacodyl (Chain Drug Consortium)
Bisacodyl (Chanelle Medical) Bisacodyl (Chanelle Medical) - Bisacodyl (Farmaprim) Bisacodyl (Farmaprim)
Bisacodyl (Ferozsons Laboratories) Bisacodyl (Ferozsons Laboratories) - Bisacodyl (H & P Industries) Bisacodyl (H & P Industries)
Bisacodyl (HealthCare PharmaScience) Bisacodyl (HealthCare PharmaScience) - Bisacodyl (Leidapharm) Bisacodyl (Leidapharm)
Bisacodyl (Lichtenstein Pharmazeutica) Bisacodyl (Lichtenstein Pharmazeutica) - Bisacodyl (Medipower) Bisacodyl (Medipower)
Bisacodyl (Mediq Farma) Bisacodyl (Mediq Farma) - Bisacodyl (Paddock Laboratories) Bisacodyl (Paddock Laboratories)
Bisacodyl (Perrigo) Bisacodyl (Perrigo) - Bisacodyl (Ranbaxy) Bisacodyl (Ranbaxy)
Bisacodyl (Remedica) Bisacodyl (Remedica) - Bisacodyl (Spodefell) Bisacodyl (Spodefell)
Bisacodyl (Sunmark) Bisacodyl (Sunmark) - Bisacodyl (Traphaco) Bisacodyl (Traphaco)
Bisacodyl (Unexo Laboratories) Bisacodyl (Unexo Laboratories) - Bisacodyl (Zentiva) Bisacodyl (Zentiva)
Bisacodyl (Zydus Healthcare) Bisacodyl (Zydus Healthcare) - Bisadyl Adult Bisadyl Adult
Bisadyl Infants Bisadyl Infants - Bisaton Bisaton
Bisco Bisco - Caroid Caroid
Carters Carters - Constipation Relief Constipation Relief
Correctol Laxative Correctol Laxative - Dilax Dilax
Dislax Dislax - Dulcolax Adultos Dulcolax Adultos
Dulcolax Bisacodyl Dulcolax Bisacodyl - Dulcolaxo Bisacodilo Dulcolaxo Bisacodilo
Dulxative Dulxative - Farmalax Farmalax
Feen-A-Mint Feen-A-Mint - Freshen Bisacodyl Laxative Freshen Bisacodyl Laxative
Gencolax Gencolax - Jie Tai Jie Tai
Johnlax Johnlax - Lacto-Purga Cartela Avulsa Lacto-Purga Cartela Avulsa
Laxabene Laxabene - Laxamin Laxamin
Laxamin-NF Laxamin-NF - Laxative Suppositories Laxative Suppositories
Laxatol Laxatol - Laxin Laxin
Laxin Forte Laxin Forte - Laxodyl Laxodyl
Lax-Tab Lax-Tab - Magic Bullet Laxative Magic Bullet Laxative
Mandrolax Bisa Mandrolax Bisa - Megalax Megalax
Metalax Metalax - Muxol Muxol
Nedalax Nedalax - Panlax Panlax
Perilax Perilax - Protolax Protolax
Purgo-Pil Purgo-Pil - Satolax Satolax
Silver Bullet Silver Bullet - Stixenil Stixenil
Stolax Stolax - Tempo-Lax Tempo-Lax
Tempolax Forte Tempolax Forte - Verecolene-CM Verecolene-CM
Verolax Verolax - Zwitsalax-N Zwitsalax-N

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